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Wireless Uplighting

Uplighting is no doubt the single most visually powerful lighting technique available. But it is our unique combination of lighting expertise and lighting control that truly brings it all together.

Wireless Wash Lighting

Wash lighting is an important step towards enhancing the overall appearance and mood of your event. Through careful planning and design, we are able transform your space into a unique and flattering environment.

Wireless Outdoor Lighting

Add color and vibrancy to any outdoor environment. With our cutting edge technology we can take your blank slate and use it to create elegant and breathtaking lighting effects.

Wireless Pinspot Lighting

At the center of our pinspot lighting is how our light systems integrate into your venue. They are built to blend into the venue seamlessly to create a beautiful and warm atmosphere.

Custom Monogram Projection

Monogram Projection is all about style, personality, and making a statement. Knowing this, we have developed a new level of projection service to create truly stunning results.

Bistro Lighting

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. With our bistro lighting you can add another dimension of charm and elegance to your event.

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