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Translate Your Vision Into Reality

Lighting is an essential ingredient in completing the overall atmosphere and design of your event

Innovative Designs

Dramatically Enhance and Transform Every Element of Your Space

Our lighting expertise allows us to dramatically enhance the existing beauty of your venue while transforming your space into an unique and unforgettable environment.

Every aspect of what we offer has been designed with a single goal in mind…to create beautiful results that elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary.


The Unplugged Advantage...

Lighting isn’t just another element added to your wedding decor; it enhances, improves, and transforms every other element in the room. Most importantly, it creates a unique vibe and atmosphere at your event.

  • 100% Wireless Uplighting
  • 100% State-of-the-Art LED Technology
  • Extremely Long Battery Life
  • Amazingly Fast Setup and Teardown
  • Can Be Placed or Hung Anywhere
  • Total Creative Flexibility Indoors and Out
  • Inconspicuous Low Profile
  • No Blown Circuit Breakers
  • No Cables to Trip Over
  • No Hot Lights That Can Burn
  • No Damage From Gaffers Tape
  • Thousands of Colors to Match Any Theme

Are You Ready?

To Completely Transform Your Event.

Translate your vision into reality with the creative use of lighting

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